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The sociologist Max Weber (1864-1920) identified three sources of authority: Tradition (it’s always been done that way), Charismatic (because the great or dear leader says so), and Rational-Legal (decisions are made by due process and procedures).


As befits a large-scale liberal democracy, the U.S. system of government is mainly Rational-Legal, producing decisions that are mostly accepted as generally just and fair. In the Presidential Election of 2016, however, a substantial portion of the electorate defaulted to the misleadingly charismatic Donald Trump, a choice sometimes made in societies suffering from social chaos.


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13.  Modern secular equality can be justified by the idea that people have a “basic equality,” because they have different capabilities. All people are therefore deserving of respect.


14.  A less Darwinian branch of liberal philosophy believes that it is the role of government through anti-trust measures, education and public works to periodically relevel the playing field so that all may have a chance in the continuing American experiment with self-government.


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