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I thought I knew how…(the Syrian Civil War) started, with protests over government repression and widespread poverty in 2011.

 But then I met Faren Asiv, a young Syrian refugee living here in Washington….She told me that before the civil war (there was a drought)…“Year after year government didn’t try to help in any kind of way.” And that the government’s response made people so angry they were eager to take to the streets…“If you notice that most of the people in the revolution are from the countryside of Syria.”

...the words of the Syrian commander ring in my head. He called it a revolution for freedom and a revolution of the hungry.....the rest of us should take notice. This volatile part of the world is only getting hotter and drier...and we would be very foolish to think it won't affect us.                                                           

                                                            “Years of Living Dangerously”