The Athenian acropolis viewed from the Pnyx hill. The  democratic assembly (ekklesia) met on this site on a raised platform that was eventually expanded to include 13,500 people. It is a steep twenty minute hike from the central agora.


Books on Athenian democracy have not described the immense scale of this structure. Although the Acropolis draws far more visitors, the Pnyx is one of the world’s most significant sites.















1. The U.S. and Globalization (n.b.)



2. Modern Economics and Growth (n.b.)



3. The Future Imperfect



4. Economics, History and Societies (n.b.)



5. .Political Philosophy and the Future (n.b.)



6.     Automation and Capitalism in the 21st Century



      7.  Political Theory and Ideology



      8. Economic Growth and the Roles of Science and Technology  (n.b.)



      9. Economic Theory and Social Reality



      10. Globalization and the U.S.



     11. Economic Growth in the U.S.



12. The French Revolution of 1789 and the Precondition for Effective Change  (n.b.)



      13. The U.S. Balance of Trade, China, and the Olympics



      14. U.S. Foreign Policy and the Mideast



15.  The Culture of Democracy  (n.b.)



16.  The Stock Market, Science, and History



17.  Error Correction in the Political Economy



18.  The Future of Liberal Democracy